July 26th 2010


Hi to the citizens of America!

How are all of you??     Anyways, sorry I haven’t done a blog in awhile. But, the other day was my lovely mother’s birthday (happy birthday mom!!), and so Sarah and I made her a cake. (TRANSLATION: Sarah made her a cake and I watched.)

Here it is:

The top.

The sides....I put the M&M'S on!!

So it was a really cool cake that was lopsided (and was SUPPOSED to be.) But you’ve all probably seen it on Sarah’s Facebook.

Anyways, this morning I babysat, and I just got done playing soccer now…it’s real hot out.                Anyways, I’ve got to go do some other stuff.

Stay hidrated!!!

J-Bird (or did I already use that nickname? I’m sorta running out…)


One thought on “July 26th 2010

  1. claire

    A deliciously, special cake it was. I do thank you. Surely you can think of nicknames to last for the next couple of weeks……..love you, momxxx

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