Raspberry Cordial


Dear friends,

Let me tell you a story:

Yesterday, I was merrily playing soccer and my mother was walking over to get the mail. After kicking my ball against the barn, it flew in a Northern direction across the road. And so, I ran with all my might…..and went to get the ball. As I picked it up, I saw my mother coming back from getting the mail…she was holding something….something brown……something big……something like a package…….something that could be for me. I ran to her with even more of my might and exclaimed, “Oh fairest mother, what has thou brought home from thine box that holds thou mail?” (At least, that’s sort of what I said.)

I looked at the package, filled with awe, as I read the name upon it……..it said, in big, black writing, “S&J Bishop.” So, looking mostly at the “J,” I opened it.

I was delighted. Our wonderful brother, and sister-in-law bought them for us while they were in Prince Edward Island this summer. We thank them profusely. Today we drank 2 or them, and Raspberry Cordial is now one of my favorite drinks. They were extremely good.



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