The Comedy Post


Hi to my fellow people who live all around me!

This post, I have entitled, “The Comedy Post.”   You see, my friends, the other day I was sick….and so I came up with some dorky reasons that you know when your sick.   Here are a few: (and I can come up with a LOT more if you wish!)

You know you’re sick when:

1. Water sounds terrible.

2. Getting up is as hard as running 30 miles.

3. The slightest noise, such as a zipper being zipped, is as loud as 18 bulls running into the room.

4.  When you fall asleep watching Spiderman.

5. When tying your shoe takes effort.

6. When a step outdoors makes you faint.

7. When you sleep all through the day and then sleeping at night is your worst nightmare.

8. When lying on the ground is just as comfortable as lying in a bed.

9. When Garfield doesn’t make you laugh.

10. When lifting a pen feels like a 40 pound weight.

11. When  you blink and it’s hard to get your eyelids back up.

12. When you lose a game of basketball that you play all by yourself.

Let me know what your favorite ones are! I also came up with, “You know your cooking is bad when,” and, “You know you’re bored when….” and, “You know you can’t live without your cellphone when…”

Anyways….I gotta go. Bye people (people as in the 3 people that look at this blog! Thanks for looking, mom, dad….and…..who else…?)     :))

P.S. That smile I put of there is called the double chin smile.



One thought on “The Comedy Post

  1. claire

    Well, 4, 7,12 seem to fit the bill for this sickness you’ve had. I’m glad that your creative writing streak wasn’t affected. love you, momxxx

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