hi people


Hola my fellow Americans!

Today, July 17th, 2010, this is Jenny writing. Today I have a sore throat and had a fever this morning. Oh joy. My sore throat is a lot better now but I’m kind of tired……I hate being sick! There’s nothing to do. I found myself reading Garfield earlier (Great books!) and decided that maybe I should do something worth-while, so here I am writing a blog (but after this I’ll probably go read Garfield again).

Anyways, of course I have to be sick on the hottest day of the week when I should be outside playing soccer and running around.         So…yeah.   Right now my mom is making Strawberry Rhubarb Jam……yummy! It smells so amazing!

Let’s see…….what did I do this week? On Wednesday I went to the pool, which was fun. Thursday Sarah and I took a walk downtown and I got chocolate milk and she got cup-a-mocha-cappicchino. And yesterday I played soccer, went shopping, mowed…..It’s been a quick week.

But…..I better go.




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