A Day in The Life of Jenny


Hello one and all!

Yesterday I recorded everything important that I did so that I could put it into a blog. Yesterday Sarah was home, so some day I’ll do another day in the life when Sarah is not home. But anyways, here it is:

7:30 Alarm goes off and I wake up.

7:35 I actually get out of bed.

7:40 Eat a breakfast of granola.

7:45 Shower

8:05 Play The Game of Life with Sarah. I lost.

8:30-10:00 Work outside in the gardens. Oh joy.

11:00 Play soccer! (finally!)

11:30 Eat an early lunch of noodle salad, banana, yogurt, crackers, and milk!

12:30 Go to Grant because mom had to go to the dentist.

3:00 Get home. Then Sarah and I headed out to the lake. It was really fun and below there’s a few pictures. We swam a whole bunch….yeah!

5:30 Ate dinner! We had leftovers. Yay!

6:30 Go for a bikeride. And then the rest of that night we just played soccer, and hung out outside and what not.

Anyways, there was yesterday’s schedule. I’ll do another one later on. But, here’s some pics:

But, anyways, I better go. Have a great day ya’ll.

Janet    (amy’s favorite nickname for me. I hate that nickname so bad!)


One thought on “A Day in The Life of Jenny

  1. claire

    Let’s see, I’m not sure your comment about working in the garden was very nice. But, let it be known that I do appreciate your help!!!! And, when you record your day without Sarah being home, I’m sure it will be filled with hours that you spend practicing soccer. You are one dedicated child to that sport – I don’t believe I’ve ever had the discipline to stick with one activity and work at it so hard like you do – I think that’s a good characteristic to have. Love you, momxxx

    P.S. Maybe we should come up with a nickname that incorporates soccer into it – we’ll have to give that some thought.

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