Hi people of the world!

Just thought I’d write some things to you today.

This morning we went to some garage sales. I got a couple shirts (one of which says, “Baseball-DOMINATE.” how cool is that?? Although I am not much of a baseball fan. And I’m not much of a golf fan. My favorite part about golf is making fun of it. Has anybody heard that the way golf started was that it was during a battle and a guy’s head got knocked off and flew 100 feet into a rabbit’s hole? Is that true? I think I read it somewhere or something.)   And then I got a book….Paradise Lost. It sounds like great book and so I’m going to read it. Although right now I’m reading three books, “Series of Unfortunate Events,” “Florence Nighangale,” and, “The Magic Bicycle Series.”  They’re all really good. Although I’m not really a reading fanatic, I do like to read.

Okay, so I got this great inspiration the other day…I’m going to do a blog entitled, “A Day In The Life of Jenny.” But I don’t know when I’ll do it. But I’m real excited to do that one.   Amy HACKED into my blog the other day, as you can see. She may do it again this weekend. But, hey, when she hacked in at least my stats went up a lot because she told people on Facebook to check out her blog.

Anyway I guess I’ll do something serious now…..okay, I tell you what I’m reading in the bible.

I’m reading in Ezekiel. It’s real good actually. Very strange though….I liked the first chapter (or maybe it was the second) when the guy ate the scroll. That was something else. It’s actually kind of an exciting book…..but kind of different, too.      I finished Lamentations (thank goodness!) and that was quite a different book, too. I’ve always wondered why no one ever really talks about Lamentations (cause people are always talking about Genesis or Matthew or Revelation) but now I know WHY no one really talks too much about Lamentations. For one thing it’s a pretty short book….and another thing it’s kind of strange. But I liked it.




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