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I just thought I’d write some random things for awhile.

Amy is on the phone right now! It sounds like she’s having a good time.                               This morning we went garage saling and I got my a few of my favorite books!!! The Lord of the Ring!!!! I got all three (but not The Hobbit) for $1.50! Exciting!                It’s looking kind of stormy out but I really want to play soccer this afternoon so henceforth I shall.

I can’t believe that June is almost over. That means summer is almost over…..that means…..SCHOOL IS COMING BACK!!! Yeah right. That’s two months away (thank goodness!).

Okay, really I have no idea what else to write about so I’ll tell you 10 things about myself that you probably already know.

1. I just ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

2. Soccer is my favorite sport.

3. Bananas and apples are my favorite fruit.

4. I love summer!!!!!!

5. I had Honey Bunches Of Oats for breakfast.

6. I bought these really good adidas tennis shoes at Sports Authority the other day!

7. adidas is my favorite brand.

8. Carrots and califlower are my favorite veggies.

9. I love homemade pizza!!!

10. U.S plays Ghana today in da world cup!!!!

Anyways, there’s some random facts about me and in case your wondering why they’re so random I just typed them as they came into my brain.




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