Summer is Coming!


Hey There Everyone!

Why am I so bad at posting regularly on here these days!  It’s kind of ridiculous.

Things are definitely coming to a close here for this school year in Wisconsin.  We only have 2 days of classes left, and I have only 3 working days left…..So 1 week from today I will be home!

Can’t believe that one year of Bible School is over already!  But, then again… is time, and I am definitely ready for a break.  It’s interesting to think back to a year ago, cause I was just getting ready to go to Papua New Guinea a year ago.

I am SO looking forward to summer though….it’s my favorite time of year.  BBQ-ing, swimming, getting tan, popsicles, lots of ice cream, garden food, storms, watching the sunset, early morning walks, camping, the smell of sunscreen, having fires on the beach….etc!  LOTS of good things happen in the summertime.  And, also I find it to be very good thinking and reflecting time.

So, I will be home in Nebraska for 3 weeks, then I will go to one week of training at camp in Colorado, go to my sister’s wedding, then go back to Nebraska for one more week, then I will be at camp for the rest of the summer before coming back to Wisconsin for leadership training.

So, I’m really excited for all that this summer holds although I know that it’s going to go by really fast!  Anywho, that’s about all that I know for now.

All for Him,



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