Hi There!

I just have to tell a story about my favorite thing that I have ever bought for 25 cents and the happiness that it is currently bringing to my life!   :)

I got this journal at our church garage sale like 2 summers ago and I have just been saving it for when I finished my last journal, which was on March 3rd of this year.  So, I just started it on March 4th, and I LOVE IT!  Every time I write it, I just feel so inspired.  On the front, in really faded lettering, it says, “Property of Kenneth ??? Year of 55′”.  So, it’s probably an antique that never really made it big, but after I journal in it, it will probably be published or something and then really be famous!

But, it’s actually like an old accounting ledger, but I just really like it….and here it is:

Anyways.  That’s all my news for today.  I am leaving for home a week from tomorrow.  Praise the LORD.

All For Him,

Amy Dawn!


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