Hello Everyone!

SPRINGTIME!  Praise the LORD!  We’ve been having beautiful springtime weather here in Wisconsin….winter is officially over, and just that makes me really happy.  On Saturday it snowed a bit, but it all melted by the afternoon.

I had a good weekend though….Saturday I helped serve and set up for the Senior Banquet here at school.  I think that they all had a good time and it was fun to help out with it…so that is good.

Only like a week and a half until Spring Break!  Crazy!  But good.  I will be happy to have a break for a little bit and to see my family and just chill for a little bit.  Also, spending drive time with Molly and Rachel will be really good too!

Classes have been really good.  This past Friday we started 3 new ones:  Ecclesiastes, Acts, and 1 Corinthians.  I am really excited about all of those.  It will be good to start going through individual books like that.  There is so much to learn from them!

Our Life of Christ class has also been amazing.  One of my favorite things that we have been taught in there and that I am still thinking a lot about was when we were going through the Beatitudes:

“Blessed are they which to hunger and thirst after righteousness..”    =urgent longing for God’s own holy character reproduced in my life.

Just having that longing and desire for God’s holiness in my life….good stuff.

Anyways, have a beautiful all of you!  God is faithful.



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