Hey Everyone!

March 9th! I can’t believe how fast time seems to be going right now!  Craziness!  We are officially over half-way done with the semester, and I think that things will be getting extra busy from here on out.  But, it’s good as well.  I’m excited about life.

Tomorrow we don’t have classes because we are having a Day of Prayer, so that will be good.  I always really like that because it’s just sort of a time to re-focus and take a break from homework.  So, that will be good.

This weekend we are going to Jackson Michigan, where the other Bible School is to have our indoor Tribal Cup with them.  I’m excited cause I’ve never been there, I know a few people there, and I like playing sports!

Also, I found out last week that I was asked to be on the Student Leadership team here at school for next fall!  So, I will be an R.A in one of the dorms!  I am really excited just about the opportunity and challenge that it will be.

I’m getting really excited for Spring Break April 1st-11th though!  I am going to road trip with Molly and Rachel, two of my really good friends, through Iowa and Nebraska.  Rachel’s family lives in Aimes Iowa, so we can spend time there, and then in Ogallala as well with my family!  There are a TON of people from here going to Florida over spring break….so we’re being pretty original just touring the midwest.  But, we are all excited and I think that we’ll have a really good time.

Anywho, that’s about all that I know for now!



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  1. Amber

    Wow….that all seems pretty exciting Amy!! That’s awesome that you will be able to be an RA next year….I’m sure you’ll do great!!
    Also–I can’t wait to see you over Easter!!!! (and I hope you have a great spring break!)

  2. claire

    You are a busy girl. But, do you suppose that before you leave for Jackson, you could send me measurements so I can order dresses. Hope you all have a great time tribal cupping.

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