My Learnings:


Hello Everyone!

I posted a while ago just things that I had written in my Bible and stuff that sort of reflect what I am learning and stuff.  So here is another update on that.  Just some random thoughts and quotes and stuff.  I hope that some of it might encourage you as it has me….

Living a life syncronized with God….

Focus on maturity.

~Fight for singleminded-ness~

I’m a sinner, and by definition, I need a Savior.

*Jan. 8th 2010- “Remember why I am back at school! It’s because that is where the LORD wants me to be right now. I need to wait upon Him in all things.”

<Romans 3:24-28>

“We only have the time and strength to fight a few battles in our life, choose wisely!”

:Christ- Inexhaustable, continual supply of grace:

PSALMS 86:11!

(calling God Father individually is a great privelage)

[without Christ, life just doesn’t make sense]

He EXpecTs us TO wAlK in the LiGHt we hAVe and TruSt HiM for MorE liGHt.

GRACE: I didn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, but it’s mine!

When our depravity meets His divinity, it is a beautiful collision….DCB*


Jehovah Nissi- My Banner.


…Truth is not defined or validated by my own experience….

If He wasn’t man-He couldn’t die….if He wasn’t God-it wouldn’t mean anything….

THE TRUE CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE: An outward expression of Christ’s life through inward yielding to the Holy Spirit.

Know. Reckon. Yield.

So, that’s it.  Just so much learning and thinking going on.  But, it’s really good….God is continuing to grow and change me.  Anywho, hope that you all are trusting Him alone!

Good night!



One thought on “My Learnings:

  1. claire

    Well, I think I’ll just get my journal out and write some/all of these down. Thanks for sharing them. love you, momxxx

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