Wake Up, The Sun Is Beautiful!


Hi There Everyone!

Saturday afternoon, February 13th 2010.  I worked today and it was really busy…all those last minute Valentine gifts and stuff.  I must say though that I am not a big fan of Valentines Day just because everything is so expected you know?  Like, you are pretty much required to get something for your significant other and you are expecting to get something.  Ridiculous!

When I do have a man in my life, I would much rather surprise him on a random day, and I would much rather get flowers on a different day.  It’s not bad to celebrate Valentines Day, but just not for me….:)

So, the title….it’s a lyric from a song by Eisley and I just like it cause I was thinking about life and what a precious gift it is.  The world is sin filled right, we messed it all up, and it’s not what God originally intended.  But…look at all of the amazing blessings around us!!  Nature is amazing, music, the human body, sports, laughter, the ability to love and to be loved, our minds, creativity, beauty, etc.  God has blessed us SO much!

I recently had to write a paper for our theology class choosing one attribute of God and writing about it.  I chose God’s love and explored the three different facets of that: His Grace, His Mercy, and His Kindness.  What I am talking about here is His Kindness.  The fact that we do not deserve any of this stuff that He blesses us with is amazing!

So…..Wake Up, The Sun Is Beautiful!!!



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