Some Random Things….


Here are a few photos that I have taken recently and the stories behind them:

This is Molly, Me, and Kristina at Molly's house for a girls night to watch Anne of Green Gables. Definitely a classic!

Brittany, Stacy, and Becca!

Kelsey, Rachel, and Lauren!

My bosses gave me and the other employees at Allo! Chocolat these bags....they are really nice and can hold like EVERYTHING!

The beautiful and delicious cake that my lovely little sisters made me....ahh....

This is the cake that my roommates made me! How sweet....and delicious!

A not-so-typical January 24th in Wisconsin?

So, that’s all I know!



5 thoughts on “Some Random Things….

  1. Amber

    Question: When you said your little sisters–were you referring to Sarah and Jenny? and did they actually send that cake to you or did they just send a picture? =)

  2. Sarah

    Amy! Thanks for finally putting some picture on here! :) By the way I have been meaning to ask you how are your glasses working?

    • missAmy

      Yeah…you’re welcome! I need more though to put on!!!!
      And…yeah, I really like the new glasses…I’m wearing them right now…and whenever I work in the library, I always wear them. you~!

  3. Jenny

    Amy! Those glasses are so sheek! And I can understand why you would wear them in the library, they make you look very studious.
    Love you!

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