A Letter To Me….


Hey There Everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated!

Things have been going so well!  I love classes and we just finished our first whole week of classes, so I definitely feel like things are back in swing again.

So, what I wanted to share though is a letter that I wrote to myself while I was in Papua New Guinea this summer on INTERFACE…..they had us write letters and then the staff there mailed them later on.  So, I just received it yesterday in the mail and it was so encouraging and challenging, and just really amazing to be reminded of some things that I had learned there and stuff.  So, I thought that I would share it with you all….here it goes:

6/25/09                                                                                                         Dear Amy,                                                                                                               Now that you are settled back into life in the U.S.A, I hope you’re not forgetting what you learned here in PNG.  This time here really has shown you so many areas in which you need to grow.

It’s hard right now to say exactly what you’ve learned-but I know that this trip was really good for you.  Amy- remember that you don’t have to have everything figured out today or tomorrow.  God know exactly what your future holds and where He wants you.  Trust Him and never stop seeking Him- for He is faithful.

Don’t get caught up in sin- don’t let yourself be distracted by the things in this world- keep eternity in mind in everything that you do.  Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Hey- also, God knows your desires…..trust Him.  (Song of Songs 2:7)  Let God use you where you’re at- take advantage of the opportunities that He’s put in your life.  Don’t hold on to your dreams and plans so tightly that you miss what God has for you.

Stay focused on God!  Strive to be the woman that He would have you to be.  Grow in Christ- don’t allow yourself to be bogged down by friends, entertainment, music, movies, etc.

Amy- let your passion be for God- not for missions.  Make prayer a priority- read the Bible- check out biographies too.  Don’t let good things in life hinder you from the best things.  Abandon self!  Life is not about you!  Focus on other people- be God’s hands, and His feet.

Don’t let ministry take priority over God.

“God can do tremendous things through a person who doesn’t care who gets the credit”

“If our partnership with Christ isn’t solid and first- nothing in our lives will be complete.”    ~Annie Herring

Amy- your heart is drawn to the things you feed it.  (Philippians 4:8)  God is so good! Rely on Him completely- He will supply all your needs.  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!


Amy in PNG

Wow…..I was really encouraged and just like reminded of so many things….this was really cool.

Thanks for reading.

All for Him,



One thought on “A Letter To Me….

  1. Russ

    Amy, So cool!! A few tears were filling my eyes as I read this. I’ve just started reading PURSUIT OF GOD by Tozer and so much of what you said in your letter is what he’s said in the book, and I’ve only read 2 chapters so far. Oh to hunger and thirst after Him and to be fully surrendered…… love you, momxxx

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