Back at Waukesha!


Hello Everyone!

I just got back to NTBI in Waukesha on Friday.  It is really cold!  But, I’ve heard that January 13-18 are the coldest days of winter here… I will try and make it through…..

Actually it’s not really all that bad, but there is definitely more snow here than in Nebraska.

It’s been awesome to come back here and catch up with people and hear about their Christmas break and stuff.  It seems like we are all really ready to be back here and to focus and we’re all excited to get going with classes again also.

We started orientation last night and had Steve Sanford (one of my classmate’s father, and a missionary with New Tribes formerly in Venezuela and now in Pennsylvania at Wayumi) speak to us about his story of evangelizing and disciplining the Joti tribe in Venezuela.  I am so excited about it!  He is going to be finishing the story tomorrow….so that is really cool.  Makes me very excited about where God is leading me and stuff.

Great to be back here…..Anywho….I wanna put some pictures on soon…so I will try to get on that.



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