Sweet Home Ogallala….


Ahh, So good to be home again!

I got in on Monday…flew to Denver and then drove 3 hours back here to Ogallala, Nebraska.  It’s strange not to be in Wisconsin or with my friends at school and stuff….but man does it feel good to just relax and catch up.

Last night I went Christmas caroling with the youth group at my church here…so that was really fun to see some of my friends from highschool and stuff.

Yesterday afternoon while my sister Sarah was at work….Jenny and I just played Life, Monopoly, listened to Odyssey’s….it was so nice!

Here are a couple of really good quotes from Jenny Bishop (my 13 year old sister):

The more gum you have, the more friends you have…..

If you’re hungry….Then I say EAT!

~Jenny Bishop

She cracks me up……Anywho….hope that you all are having a great day….Christmas is a week from tomorrow!!!!



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