Hi There Everyone!

Back on the grind this week after Thanksgiving break…..

Thanksgiving break was really good!  I so enjoyed going to Maine and seeing part of my family.  It is beautiful up there, and I was glad that there was no snow yet.  It was really relaxing to have no classes or work, and also just really nice to get out away from everything here and just spend some chill time.  Definitely seeing my brother though was really good…I love him.

This is a lighthouse that we went to see in Maine....Pemaquid Point.

A busy 2 weeks coming up though….Our last day of classes is December 10th, which is a week from Thursday.  Also, work is really busy…Christmas time is kind of crazy there just cause business picks up so much.   This week, I am working 23 hours, which is like double what I normally work.  So….hopefully that goes okay.  This afternoon, I am going to really buckle down and do homework, catch up and then hopefully get ahead some.

So, less than 2 weeks before I am coming home.  December 14th.  I am excited.

Anywho, that’s about all that I know for today.



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