Thanksgiving Break!


Hi There Everyone!

This morning I am just getting ready for my last day of classes before Thanksgiving Break.  I am really anxious to have a little bit of time away from school and stuff.  I am going to Maine to see my brother Daniel, his wife Dana, and their kids, Evelyn and Bo.  I have never been up there, and haven’t seen them since July, so I am really excited.  I think that it will be really fun.

Work has been really busy lately trying to get ready for Christmas and stuff…just stocking up on stuff.  But, I like it a lot.  I am enjoying the work, and definitely the people that I work with.

I feel like a lot of what I have been learning this semester is catching up with me now…and it’s awesome.  There has been a lot of thinking through things though and trying to sort it out I guess.  It’s good though…..

If I had youtube access here, I would put these songs on….but my 2 favorite right now are:

Your Love is Extravagant- The Almost

Let the Waters Rise- MIKESCHAIR

….so I highly recommend that you look them up.

Anyways……Happy Thanksgiving!  It is supposed to snow here tomorrow!



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