Hi There Everybody!

I just wanna say that for now…I love it here in Wisconsin.  Last night I went camping with 4 other girls…and it’s November.  So, it’s crazy that we didn’t freeze to death.   We went to Kettle Moraine State Forest and stayed at the Ottawa Lake campground.  It was really nice.  We left here at like 5:00pm-ish so, when we got there around 5:45pm, it was dark…but we managed to get the tent set up and everything very smoothly and start a fire with no problem!

It was so much fun to roast hot-dogs, eat s’mores, tell stories, learn more about one another, talk about what God is doing in each of our lives, talk about our struggles, read the Bible, pray with one another…..Ahh.  Loved it!

We all had to use the great outdoors as a bathroom, we carried a huge log over to the fire to sit on, we collected wood to burn…..I am feeling so empowered!


Amy, Rachel, Michelle, Stacy, and Kelsey!

God is so good!  Definitely a blessing to have friends like this!



One thought on “Camping!

  1. stacy frazier

    that was the best camping trip ever:]i loved every second of it and learning more about all you girls!! i love you girls so much!! God blessed me with amazing friends that i love so much:)

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