I am Who I am!!!


Hello Everyone!

Just a few thoughts from me from events of the day and from a conversation that I had with my friend Rachel tonight:

God has made each of us so very different.  I hate it when I see people, including myself, criticizing themselves or wishing that they were different or whatever.  That must be such a slap in God’s face because He has created each one of us and loves us and thinks that we are beautiful.

Although it’s really hard not to be critical of yourself, I am coming to realize more that my personality and character (although hopelessly flawed by my sinful nature) were designed by God for a specific purpose.  I can minister to others in a way that NO ONE else can, and more I can glorify God in a way that NO ONE else can just simply because of how He created me.

A while back I was playing the guitar and singing and just found myself kind of wishing for a better singing voice and stuff.  But, then I was like, you know, God gave me this voice that I have (although not wonderful or award winning by any means!) to worship Him!  And all that really matters is how it sounds to Him!

As a girl even, it’s very easy to get caught up in wishing that my hair was different or that I had nicer skin or whatever, but really I just need to be content and satisfied with who God has created me to be and to work on fulfilling His purpose for me!

He is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him    ~John Piper

In one of my classes at school here, we have been talking a lot about dying to self…and as morbid as that really sounds, it is such a beautiful thing to think about.  Dying to myself, all my pride and selfishness, and being consumed with Him and all His love and righteousness.  More of Him and less of me!

Good night all!




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