It Kind of Makes me Very Happy….


Hello There Everyone!

What an absolutely beautiful day here!  Such amazing weather.  This weekend has been really chill since we have no homework.  It’s been a good break.  I worked yesterday for a little while, but it was good.  They were playing a live clue game in downtown Waukesha, so that was keeping us busy.  Last night I went for a walk, had some serious chat time with random people up on second floor, played a little bit of volleyball, played the piano in the chapel, and then listened to Waves of Grace (a radio theater about John Newton by Focus on the Family) while eating animal crackers and peanut butter.  It was good.

Today I just went to church, which was good.  Loved the worship time this morning.  This afternoon I went for a walk with my roommate, laid on a pile of leaves with Rachel, and then talked on the phone with Emily!  So, it’s been really nice.  Here are a few photos.


God is amazing.  Seriously this day and this beauty that He created is such a blessing.  Rest in Him.



One thought on “It Kind of Makes me Very Happy….

  1. claire

    Guess we’ll have to enjoy the fall colors by looking at your pictures – thanks for sharing. We had a beautiful sky yesterday morning. momxxx

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