The Cleansing Update.


Hey There People…..Sorry to disappoint….but the cleansing is over.  Yesterday morning all us girls ate fruit for breakfast and snacks, drank a ton of water, and had salad and veggies for lunch.  Then, I went to work all afternoon and thought about food and stuff while I was working.  When I came home and walked into dinner, I was so hoping to see the girls with regular food on their plates…but no, just veggies and water.  But, I got a plate of veggies and we started talking and decided that we could have some beans…and then I basically just was like..”I’M HUNGRY!!!!”  So, we had to end it….and then I had 2 pieces of peanut butter cake!   :)

But, you know what, I’m happy and I definitely appreciate food and meals and eating GOOD food with people more now.  So…enough of the cleansing….

Anywho, we failed, but it was still a success cause we had fun and will definitely laugh about it for a while.    :)



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