Tribal Cup Fall 09′ Waukesha vs. Jackson


Hey There Everyone!

I just ended a really good weekend!  Very busy, tiring, and not very relaxing…but good.  Our sister school in Jackson Michigan came over Friday night for our Tribal Cup Field Day that we do twice a year.  We play outdoor sports in the fall and indoor sports in the spring.  So, we had about 90 other people here from Jackson…5 girls staying in our dorm room with us.  It was a little crazy to have so many extra people here, but fun as well.

Saturday morning us girls played soccer at 8:30am and we beat Jackson 4-0.  4 different people scored goals which was really cool.  I scored one of them and I was definitely excited about that.  But, a neat thing was that we had never played together as a team before…like, we had tryouts and a couple practices doing drills with only a few people there, but when we showed up and played Saturday, we did really good as a TEAM playing.  So, that was awesome to see.  I think that it was bonding for us as well.

Mary-Carole, Brittany, Stacy, Molly, Amy!

Mary-Carole, Brittany, Stacy, Molly, Amy!

The guys played soccer then and lost 4-5 to Jackson.  We were all disappointed but still definitely proud of our young men here for the way they played!


Next was girl’s Ultimate Frisbee…we won against Jackson 7-3.  It was SO cold and starting to spit some snow during the game, but we stuck it out and won it.

Molly and I FREEZING!!!

Molly and I FREEZING!!!

Next the guys played Frisbee and lost to Jackson….I’m not sure the final score.

Waukesha won the co-ed softball.

Waukesha also won guys flag football.


So….we did awesome!!! It was such a fun day and a great thing to do together.  I love competition, but I love building good relationships with people more!

I was able to see a couple of people from Jackson that actually went with me to PNG this summer for INTERFACE…so that was really cool as well.

God has blessed me so much!!!



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