Freshman Fifteen?


Hey People!

Just wanted to let you all know that there will be NO freshman fifteen for me!  Tonight we had an aerobics time with some of the girls in the Ladies Lounge.  It was really fun to workout and just dance around with other girls to fun music and stuff.  Definitely makes me feel good.

The food around here is really good and stuff….but I have salad about everyday for lunch and my snacks during the day are mainly just apples or bananas.  Also, because we play sports almost every night…that helps too.

Anyways, I really have no idea why I told any of you this…but just got to keep you updated I guess!   :)

Tomorrow we start a new class….Old Testament History with Dave Hodgdon! I am really excited for that. Alright guys…that’s all I know.  Good night!



3 thoughts on “Freshman Fifteen?

  1. claire

    Good for you – you’ll be ready to join me for exercise time every morning when you get home for Christmas. love you, momxxx

    • missAmy

      Yeah, I’m going to check with Selina and see if we are going to have a regular schedule or whatever and then I can let you know, cause it’s really fun!

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