Sweet Music How I’ve Missed You!


Hey Guys!

Today after classes and lunch, I didn’t have to work….so I did some scrapbooking stuff a little bit and then I went over to the chapel here at school and played the piano for really the first time since I have been here in Wisconsin.  I have REALLY missed it, so it was good to get that out of my system.  And now that I know how to get in there to play and stuff, I’ll be going a lot more cause it is just so relaxing and something that I would definitely miss if I were not able to play.

I’ve been playing my guitar more lately to make up for the piano…but still, it’s just not the same.  And, the piano here is out of tune and stuff (sounds like it came straight from a saloon), but it’s fine by me.

Then I was able to talk on the phone with two of my brothers today and go for a chilly fall time walk…..it was really nice!




2 thoughts on “Sweet Music How I’ve Missed You!

  1. Jenny

    EEK! Amy this is going to drive me crazy! What Odyssey didi, “Sweet Home How I’ve Missed you” come from????????
    Your loving sis,

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