25 Things I miss About Home


Hey Guys, I’ve just been somewhat homesick this week and thought that I would do a post about some of the things that I really miss….These are in no particular order:

1. Waking my little sister Jenny up in the morning.

2. Snack time with Sarah and Jenny.

3. Sleepovers with Sarah and Jenny trying hard to at least watch ONE movie!

4. Looking out the window and seeing my Dad throwing horseshoes.

5. Eating breakfast in the morning while Mom and Dad are having their coffee time.

6. Listening to Jenny answer the phone.

7. Walking to B&J’s for soda at Happy Hour.

8. Listening to Odysseys together.

9. Watching the Waltons, Little House, and Walker Texas Ranger with the family. (Good night Mary-Ellen!)

10. Definitely miss just talking with my Mom!

11. Eating FRESH, just collected eggs from the chickens!

12. Going to the lake…..

13. Going roller-blading or biking in Ogallala where we are the only ones who do that kind of thing :)

14. Our house and a nice big yard to run around in and be as loud as I want, whenever I want!

15. The sunsets….

16. Going on picture walks with Sarah and Jenny.

17. Going to bed at 9:00pm with the rest of the family thinking that it was completely normal.

18. Being able to walk to church.

19. Cookies!!!

20. Playing the piano….seriously I really miss that a lot!

21. Jenny and I going to pick Sarah up from work….Not!

22. Driving…I miss Charleena.

23. Having times where I really, honestly, had nothing that I needed to be doing.

24. Mom’s pizza and the nights where Dad would grill hamburgers.

25. I miss that yellow dead tree picture that was in my room…..:)

Despite all of these things…I am surviving.  :)



2 thoughts on “25 Things I miss About Home

  1. claire

    And, you are missed as well by all of us. But, we are so glad to know you’re in a great place and that you are doing well over all in spite of missing “home”. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get a list of 25 things that Carl misses about home? love you, momxxx

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