Hi Everybody!

Just wanted to quick share a couple of  things with you that have happened this week that have been really encouraging and exciting to me.  On Tuesday here at NTBI, we skipped classes to just a day of prayer for different tribes around the world and their needs.  It was so amazing just to be able to re-focus and to connect with my classmates on a deeper level praying together.  It was so good! Definitely a time for all of us here to remember why we came and what the goal of this schooling is.

And then, yesterday I was reading through my NTM @ Work magazine…(I highly recommend it..you can sign up for it free at /http://ntm.org) and I saw this small article presenting a prayer request for the Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea!  I got really excited because it was saying that the few believers there are going to be baptized and are really taking steps to show their Christianity within the tribe.  And, if you remember, that is the tribe that I spent time with for 5 weeks this summer on INTERFACE….I actually went to church with those tribal believers!  It was amazing to be reminded of our brothers and sisters in Christ that need to be lifted up in prayer in PNG.  And it was cool to be reminded that there are real people behind the requests…and I know because I met them!

Anywho….Just really cool things to me!  Hope that everyone is having a great day and that you too will be encouraged.  God is definitely working!

With Hope in Christ,


Photo by Curt Sharp

Photo by Curt Sharp


4 thoughts on “Encouragement.

  1. Amber

    Amy, that is sooooo cool that you actually got to attend this church where these believers are!!! i bet it somewhat makes it even more up close and personal!

    P.S. I like you new page style=)

  2. claire

    Both are exciting news items – cool to be able to pray with more of an understanding of tribal life and then to learn of what is happening with the tribe you spent time with – God is good. love you xxx

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