A Day in the Life…..


Hey Guys, Just thought that I would sort of go through an average day for me here, letting you all know what’s going on on a day to day basis for me…So, here it goes:

6:10am- Got up and out of bed to make sure that I just had some time for devotions and getting ready for the day before breakfast.

7:15am- Breakfast….I had cereal, yogurt, and sausage.

7:30-8:45- Did some reading, talking with my roommates, organizing stuff for school, etc.

9:00am-12:30pm- Classes: Biblical Foundations, Bibliology, Evangelism in a Postmodern World.

12:30pm- Lunch- it was some casserole….so I just had salad and bread. Mmm Hmm.

1:10pm- My elective class which was Job. It’s an excellent class….I really like the teacher and his style of teaching for it.

2:00pm-5:30pm- I paid my school bill and then worked on homework with Molly. We wrote papers on Canonicity and did some reading. Then we went for a walk to do our evangelism surveys. Mine went well. The lady that I talked to really enjoyed it…we had a pretty long conversation and stuff just about life, which was good.

5:30pm- Dinner….It was fish and I hate fish…so I had salad again with peanut butter cookies and chocolate milk. Yum.

6:00pm- I did my Campus Ministry, which sounds cool….but it’s really just cleaning windows…:)

7:00pm- Went to a Bible study at one of the teacher’s houses. It’s called the Green Letters study and this was the first week, so I think that it will be good.

9:00pm- Shower time

9:30pm- I did some journaling and wrote a letter and just talked with some people from Papua New Guinea.

11:00pm- Now I am just blogging and watching the Gospel Journey with some other people.  I really should be going to bed soon though.

Anywho….hope you enjoyed this little adventure in my life.

Tomorrow I am going to LifeLight in South Dakota which I am really excited about! Anywho….hope that your week is going well.



One thought on “A Day in the Life…..

  1. Amber

    Amy — Have an awesome time at Lifelight!!! I really wish that I could have come up to that this year….maybe next year though or something=)

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