Garage Sale Dud.


Hello There Everyone!

Today was a sad day.  We had a garage sale and hardly anyone came.  :(

We got up bright and early to get things ready and set out stuff….and we only made $18.00.  O well…that’s the way life goes I guess.

Obviously we were very disappointed.

Obviously we were very disappointed.

Other than an unsuccessful garage sale, it was a good day.  We had some old friends stop by for lunch and that was good to see them.

Yesterday was my last day of work.  It was somewhat sad….but I am so excited for NTBI and just moving on in life that it wasn’t too sad.  I was at True Value for over 3 years though, so it was a while, it was a really good job for me though.

And, I have exactly 5 days left in Ogallala.  I hope to have a really fun upcoming week and just enjoy my last days here.

Hope that you all are doing well!

With Hope in Christ,



One thought on “Garage Sale Dud.

  1. Jordan 05

    is that how you guys looked when ever someone would pull up because if so i wouldn’t of pulled in either i would have thought i would be mugged

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