Hey Everybody!

I have less than 2 weeks left in Ogallala.  4 more days of work left.  Things are winding down for me.  I’m getting pretty excited though.  I was just talking with my little sisters last night and saying that it’s really awesome to think about how much I have grown and changed in the past year and how it’s just neat to think about what God is going to do in my life in the next year.  He is so faithful.

My sisters and I have had a list of like all these things that we’ve wanted to do before I leave for school, so last night we slept on the trampoline at our house because that’s always been something that we wanted to do.  We didn’t sleep very well cause it was really cold and we got bit up by mosquitos.  My whole left hand is like all swollen from bites.  But, it was an experience, so it was worth it.

Anywho, that’s all for me for today I guess.  My last work week coming up!  Talk to you all later!




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