Sharing and Shopping.


Hi Guys!

This past Sunday night I had the opportunity to share with my church about my experiences in Papua New Guinea. It went really well. I am not the best public speaker (haven’t had much practice though either) so I was a little bit nervous in preparing for it, but I was also just really excited to talk about what I learned, saw, and did while I was there. So that was good. My church family is amazing! I am so blessed to be apart of it.

Today we went shopping in North Platte for some things that I needed for school. It was a successful trip and it seemed like we got some good bargains.

While I was in PNG, my little sister moved into my room…so when I got back, I stayed in the guest room for a while, then when all the family came down for my brother’s wedding, I had to move into another room in the basement! Needless to say…I feel quite disorganized, so tonight I’ve been trying to get things somewhat in order again. But, I am amazed at how much STUFF I have….it’s actually really discouraging. I feel weighed down by my possesions somehow. So, it’s definitely time to get rid of things!

I have less than 3 weeks left here in Ogallala before I move to Wisconsin. And just about a week and a half left of work. I do get sad when I think about it and especially how far away from my family I’ll be….but I am really excited about moving on and just going where God is leading me. Anywho…that’s all I know for today.




One thought on “Sharing and Shopping.

  1. claire

    Glad to see you’re back on again. I think I liked the other blog display better, but change is nice. love you, momxxx

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