News from Amy.


Here is an e-mail I got from Amy this morning……

Hey Family! I am doing great! I’m getting really anxious to talk to you all again. I miss you! Going to the village have been really good….it’s been great to get to know some people so that we can at least build some relationships with them….Sunday some of us went to the Bena church, and it was amazing. Wow. It really blew me away. I wish that you could have seen it. There were about 6 believers there, but they were genuine and it was just awesome to hear them sing songs and read scriptures. It was so cool.
Some people have been getting sick…so I’m hoping that I don’t get anything. So far I have been feeling really good. And the food is really good. Wow. Fresh fruit all the time is the best. Last Friday we went to a mumu in the village which is just like a feast that our language helpers did for us and it was awesome…I’ll have to show you photos and stuff.
This weekend we are going to another village a ways away for our sidetrip to see a church that was actually phased out of…meaning that the missionaries came and planted a church and then turned it over to the national believers. So, I’m really excited about that.
About a week and 1/2 left here….I’m getting anxious to come home, but yet I’m sad that it’s coming to a close here. Anywho, if you would be praying about our travel home I would appreciate that cause I’m kind of nervous about that. Just that coming over here was miserable. Okay…I love you all a LOT and am very excited to see you. Have you been getting my e-mails Mom and Dad? And Sarah…you should e-mail me sometime. Anywho…..let me know if I need to know anything about when you pick me up okay? I LOVE YOU!


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