Hey, sorry I can’t upload pictures but I forgot the USB cord. In fact, I hardly know what a USB  cord is……

         Last night we went bowling, I got 88 and 86. Is that good? I love bowling. On Tuesday night we played four-square at these people’s house, that was so much fun! Today we went shopping and I got two shirts and new cleats and shin-guards. YEAH! The cleats are Diadora brand, and the shin-guards are adidas brand. Ok, what does ADIDAS stand for? I googled it, and it said, “All Day I Dream About Soccer,” or, “All Day I Dream About Sports,” which one? Or neither.

                  I watched Ice princess and Runaway-bride today, because we didn’t have to go to work. (ha ha, WE!!!!)     Right now we’re eatin’ ice cream and watching Sweet Home Alabama.

    Well, bye for now!

Over and out–Jenny


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