One More Day…


Well Everyone, only one more day until I leave for Papua New Guinea.  I am really excited, just finishing up last minute stuff today and getting ready to leave.  I can’t believe that the time to leave is almost here….It seems like I have been waiting for it forever, and now it’s finally here.

Yesterday was a really good day.  Early in the morning I went with 2 of my friends to the lake to watch the sunrise.  It was absolutely beautiful!


So, that was a fun adventure.

This will be my last post for a while.  Jenny will keep you updated though, so don’t worry.  I will be so excited to share with you all when I return from my trip, so many exciting things I am sure.  I would ask that you would keep me in your prayers as I am on my trip.  I will try and send Jenny some prayer updates for her to put on here….and for now:

1. That I will be calm about traveling by myself, and that the whole team will have safe flights.

2. That as a team we will bond well and be unified as we work together.

3. Pray that I will really lean on God and trust Him in all areas.

Thanks so much everyone for reading this….. I wanted to also share something that was on a card that a family from my church gave me:

God has foreordained the works to which He has called you. He has been ahead of you preparing the place to which you are coming and manipulating all the resources of the universe in order that the work you do may be a part of His whole great and gracious work.                           ~ G. Campell Morgan

Thank you all!



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