Knockout, Mafia, Zip-Line, and LOTS of Walking!


Hi There Everybody!  I had a really great weekend!  On Saturday I was able to get a lot done as far as packing and getting organized to go to PNG (I leave in 3 days!!!!).  Saturday night some kids from youth group went to the Flaming’s house for a cookout, and we intended to watch a movie, but instead played basketball and mafia, which was really fun.  Mafia gets really violent sometimes though, and I am such a bad liar that I don’t seem to do very well in the game.  I get killed off a lot too though.  Anyways, that was really great though.

Then on Sunday, we had a really great church service…..Can I just say that my church is amazing?  It really is, they have been super supportive of me going on my mission’s trip and stuff.  So, I am really thankful.  Also, my older sister Katie came home Sunday morning for a couple days which was really great.  We always have a good time.  Sunday afternoon the youth group went to a zip-line party which was really fun.  I didn’t go on the zip-line, but had really fun just taking photos, hanging out, and eating hamburgers!

Today was another great day.  We went for coffee, went to the Antique Mall, rollerblading, walking, talking, more walking, HAPPY HOUR!!!!, walking, dinner…..Ahh, good day.




2 thoughts on “Knockout, Mafia, Zip-Line, and LOTS of Walking!

  1. Katie

    I am glad that you think there will be HAPPY HOUR in heaven!!!!
    My legs are seriously tired from all the walking and roller skating yesterday. I had a great time with you girls though!!

  2. Jenny

    Aw, Katie, that’s too bad that your legs are tired! That’s part of the reason that I don’t roller blade, because it really hurts my ankles!

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