Hi Everyone!  9 more days until I leave for Papua New Guinea!  I am getting really anxious.

Today was a really good day.  Work went by quickly.  The weather was really nice out, in the eighties.  Sarah, Jenny and I decided at about 4:20 this afternoon that we wanted to go to B&J’s for Happy Hour to get rasberry iced tea and gatorade.  And, since Happy Hour ended at 5:00, we had to really rush to get there in time.  It was right at 5:00 when we got there and we were in line and got up to the counter to pay and the cashier had thought that we were with the lady that was in front of us…so he charged her for our drinks!  We tried to catch here, but we didn’t see her….so free drinks!  Yay.  It was kind of funny though.  And then we just had a nice walk home.  Also, I cut Jenny’s hair tonight and it was just great to be outside.

And, just so you guys aren’t worried…this blog won’t die while I am gone in PNG, because I am going to have Jenny (my little sister) write on it to keep it active.  And, she is a writer, so this is probably a bad move on my part because you will like her writing a lot better than mine….alas.  But, I’m sure that they will be really good posts.

Anywho, that’s about all that I know for today.



2 thoughts on “Happenings.

  1. Jordan 05

    Amy you and I both know that you didn’t go and try to find that lady you just made it look like you did so you looked like a good person. so stop feeding lies to everyone…..

    woah calm down that was a joke

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