Youth Service.


Yesterday at our church, the youth (including me) did the Sunday morning service.  Let me just say that it was quite a learning experience and took a lot of time and planning.  We did the music- I played the guitar on one song, and the piano on the other four, Enrique played the drums, and Amber, Emily, Dara, and Mariah sang.  We had scriptures read by Sarah and Haley.  The six kids (one being my sister) and the two adults (my parents) who are going to Mexico this summer, shared about that.  And I shared about my trip to Papua New Guinea this summer.  Haley played the piano during offering and after the service.  Peter was the head usher, so he greeted everyone and lined people up to do offering.

For our ‘sermon’ part, we had interviewed people in the community, asking them the following 3 questions:

  • Is there a Higher Power?
  • What is the Purpose of Life?
  • In the Bible, Jesus claims to be the only way to get to Heaven, What do you think?

Then, we compiled these interviews, edited, and reproduced them in video form for the service.  We played each seperate clip and the three of our young men Biblically addressed each question.  Enrique did the Higher Power question.  Jordan did the Purpose of Life question.  And Ryan did the one about Jesus being the only way to Heaven.  And let me just say that they all did an excellent job.  Everyone who was involved with this really put a lot of effort into it.  And our youth leader and Pastor were so supportive of us as well.  Also, my Dad was a huge help on the video end of things and getting all of that to work.  Also, we had Joel doing all of the sound and video stuff on Sunday which he did really well at remembering everything.

So, I think that it was a huge success. I am very glad that we did it.



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