April 13th 2009.


Hi People, I am here to give you an update.  On April 13th, Monday, my older brother Carl left to join the Airforce.  So, now it is just us 3 girls and Mom and Dad.  Our family is getting smaller and smaller.  So, Carl will be at Basic training in Texas now.  But, really things are changing a lot for us.

Also, we had our 2nd soccer game on Monday night against the other Ogallala team.  We beat them 2-0, but it wasn’t a very good game for our team.  We didn’t play very well at all.  I had a couple of shots on goal that I really should have made….but just didn’t.  Anywho, next week we have a Grant game, so I hope that it goes well.

The week has started off pretty well though.  We’ve had beautiful weather so far, despite the wind.  But that’s how it goes here in Nebraska.  Anyways, hope that you are all doing well.  Have a great day!



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