Soccer Season Beginnings.


Hey Peoples! Last night we had our first soccer game of the season.  All day I was looking forward to it, and I was kind of nervous about the team that we were playing.  It was a fellow Ogallala team and they were really good, they challenged our team a lot, but we were able to stay ahead of them.  When we started off, we were doing well, keeping the ball on their side of the field, but it was intense. They ended up getting a goal in the first half.  At half-time we were all pretty nervous and stuff cause this game really was important.  So, right out of the second half, we did some good passing and I was coming down the right side of the field, it was open and looked like a great time for a cross over to Josh on the left side…..but it ended up being a really bad cross and went in the right-side top corner, and was a beautiful shot!

So, that was some serious relief.  I crossed another one to Josh and that called offsides (I don’t think it was).  But, then we got another one up there and crossed over to Josh and he put it in to go to 2-1.  And, we were able to keep it there for the rest of the game.  But, it really was a great way to start the season off I think.  I was so excited about the game.  I just love that adreneline rush during the game.

Anywho, that’s about all I know.  Hope that everyone has a great day!



3 thoughts on “Soccer Season Beginnings.

  1. Jenny

    Amy, you were da bomb last night! I was screaming SO loud when you made a goal. Let’s just say that I had about 20 heads staring at me. :)

  2. Jordan 05

    ok well just to clarify this I made the pass to josh for the game winner from the defensive end so ya Amy taking all the credit man so really it wasn’t a cross it was just a boot that happened to turn out really good I mean that where I was aiming but I didn’t think it would turn out as good as it did

    • missAmy

      Where is instant replay when we need it? :)
      Sorry, I may have gotten the winning goal and the offsides one mixed up. My bad.

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