There Are No Mere Mortals.


Hi Everyone…..On Sunday night we had our last night of the Truth Project study that I have been involved in.  It was really good.  The topic was community, and one thing that really stuck with me was a quote from C. S. Lewis that says:

You’ve never talked to a mere mortal.

A lot of times, I just seem to disregard people or put them off.  But the truth is that everyone that I come in contact with is an eternal being; the greeter at Wal-Mart, the telemarketer that calls six times a day, the annoying customers that I hate helping, etc.

There is a huge difference in how we as Christians should view people, as beings that will spend eternity in one of two places.  The quote really challenged me to take hold of more opportunities to reach out, to be kind, to encourage, to love, and to befriend.  And to never take people too lightly.  I pray that God would instill in my heart such a passion to love His people.



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