Nebraska Weather, I Tell You What….


Hey there Everyone!

Seriously, the weather here is so weird.  Last week was absolutely beautiful, my favorite like mild weather.  Then Saturday it snowed here which was really disappointing.  And Sunday there was snow on the ground during the morning and then by 3:00pm I was outside playing soccer in shorts and even getting kind of warm.  And today it is cold and spitting snow again.

Oh, well I guess that it keeps us on our toes.  I hope that everyone had a good day.  I was just working away, kind of.  Mondays are really slow though, people just never quite ready to go back to work I guess.  Anywho, that’s all that I know for now.




5 thoughts on “Nebraska Weather, I Tell You What….

  1. Preacher

    i agree i mean i was going to go running yesterday after work but i ended up staying till 10 so that was out so i did it today and i was freezing even after a half our of being in the church

  2. Amber

    I also agree, I just wish that if it was going to snow, it would make it worth it =) And by the way, I love the picture! It’s so dramatic =p

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