Hey Guys!

We are getting ready to start the spring soccer season here in a couple of weeks.  I am playing on the U-19 team and coaching a U-14 team, so I will be pretty busy with that.  But, I really enjoy it.  It sounds like both teams should be pretty good.  I will have to post some photos once the season gets up and going.

Since I have been homeschooled though, I have never been able to play any sports through the school, so I really enjoy soccer since it is done as a recreational sport.  And I love being competitive, in fact, I thrive on that.  It is a strength and a weakness.

But, anywho.  I hope to be able to report more on it soon.




3 thoughts on “Soccer!

  1. Jenny

    Amy, Amy, AMY! That’s not your ball in that picture. Yours is much, much, MUCH nicer. For one: Yours is pink, that makes a big difference. Number two: Yours is not THAT dirty. So, even though my soccer ball is WAY better than yours (because it’s a Niki) yours is prettier.

  2. Amber

    Amy – Though that may not be a picture of your soccer ball, I still really like the picture =)
    and you’ll have to let me know when you have home games so I can possibly come to some…

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