Dare 2 Share Part 2.


Hi Everybody! I just got back from Dare 2 Share last night.  It was in Lincoln and it really was a good trip.  Friday our youth group left from the church at about 5:00am and worked at the People’s City Mission in Lincoln over lunch and in the early afternoon.  I helped serve the meal, which was not only fun but very interesting as well.  And then we worked on making sandwhiches while some of the group did cleaning, etc.

The actual conference was really good.  It was the ‘Invincible’ tour and so they talked about the armor of God and how we can use that in our lives.  The bands that were there were Fee and Leeland and I really enjoyed them.  It was a good weekend.  But I admit that today I have been quite drowsy.  Partially I am not feeling that great and partially I am just tired.

Here are a few photos from the trip.


None of my pictures from the actual conference turned out very well.  But, I hope that you enjoy.  Good night.



3 thoughts on “Dare 2 Share Part 2.

  1. preacherman05

    i was just wondering when this was taken but then i remebered you guys all squeezed in the van and took it while me carl and kacey were jumping on the parkinglot wall

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