The Dress.


Hey there People! I have a really cool story to tell you. Let me start off by saying that my little sister Sarah works at Repeat Boutique which is a clothing consignment shop, and for Christmas they had a gift exchange. So, one of her co-workers bought her a really ugly, whoops, I meant beautiful dress and they all dared her to wear it to work on  a day when the boss wasn’t there. So, yesterday lo and behold after much anticipation from her friends and family, she wore the dress!


After I got off work, I went to see her and it was really funny. She wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed. So, she’s awesome pretty much. I am trying to convince her to wear the dress every single Thursday. I don’t know if she’s going for it. O and for wearing the dress, she got free ice cream, ten dollars, and a lot of laughs with her co-workers. So, it was definitely worth it.

And, there’s really nothing exciting about me. So there you go.



2 thoughts on “The Dress.

  1. preacherman05

    lol wow sarah you should get more dress’s like that its looks good on you it looks like you don’t have any feet though and i love the cowboy/cowgirl (how ever you want to say it) hat

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