Hello! Tonight my sister Sarah gave my hair a trim. I like to have it trimmed exactly every four weeks, and seriously, haircuts are getting to be so expensive. Actually, for Christmas, I got a pair of thinning shears in my stocking, and those things are absolutely amazing. I had to use some serious self control tonight because they are really fun to use, but my hair doesn’t really need thinning right now. I cut Sarah and Jenny’s hair sometimes, and I went with my Mom to her last haircut to watch and so hopefully I can start to do hers as well. So, anywho. That’s all I know.

By the way, I know that you all really wanted to know about this. :)




5 thoughts on “Haircut.

  1. Katie

    This is important news and I did want to know about it!! Will you cut my hair when you are here? I am looking forward to you coming up here. I was telling everyone your’s and Sarah’s maturity levels (them being in your 40’s and 50’s) I thought it was rather funny.

  2. sarah

    Amy I cannot believe that you posted that top picture, I mean did you look at me? I look like a little bug or something! By the way I think your hair looks way better since I cut it.

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