The Israelites? O, I get it!


Alright Everyone, I have had a revelation. Not that this has really drawn me closer to God or anything, but it was fun to learn I think. Last night when I was reading my Bible I was in Exodus chapter 1, and I read the verses:

Now Joseph and all his brothers and all that generation died, but the Israelites were fruitful and multiplied greatly and became exceedingly numerous, so that the land was filled with them.            Exodus 1:6-7

And it just came to me that the Israelites were all Jacob’s descendants, and God had given Jacob the name Israel, and that’s why they were called Israelites. I guess that I had always thought of Israel as a country or place and when talking about the ‘Israelites’ I never put that connection together. So yeah. I learned something new today.



2 thoughts on “The Israelites? O, I get it!

  1. Katie

    Are you reading through the Bible this year too? I thought more on Jacob’s name being turned to Israel too!
    Happy Birthday Bugaboo!

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