Hey Everyone, this is a picture of a collage that I made this afternoon. It was a cold and dreary day out, so I had some time, but I have had this idea for a while.


5 thoughts on “Collage.

  1. Jenny

    Did you… way! Did you take the picture of that really weird lady Katie painted down?! AMY!!!! How could you? I loved that picture……………………………………….nice Collage.


  2. Katie

    I really like it Ams. It makes me think of the cover to that notebook of yours.
    AND JENNY LYNN!!!!!!!! What are you thinking of calling my painting WEIRD! Amy, it was not time! It is never time to take down such an amazing painting! I want my frame back.

    • missAmy

      If something has been in my room for this many years, it’s automatically mine. And next time you are home….we have a surprise for you!!! You will love it.

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