Tonight I went with my family to see Fireproof. We live in a small town so all of our movies are late and this one was no exception. But it was so good! I thought they really did an excellent job on this one. Flywheel was a good effort, nice idea. Then, Facing the Giants was better, but a little bit cheesy. And, this one was really a winner. The photography, the music, the acting, the story….everything was better. Just shows that film making can be used for good, and hopefully this movie has a big impact. Anyways, I would encourage you all to go and see it, and buy it when it comes out.

We don’t go to see movies often. The last one that I went to see in theaters was Prince Caspian (what a disappointment) but, we definitely like to support good movies like this one. fireproof


4 thoughts on “Fireproof.

    • missAmy

      It didn’t follow the story at all. I think that it was just trying too hard to be a cool and successful movie and they sacrificed the story. Caspian was too old. Caspian and Susan never “fell in love”. And Peter and Caspian never fought like they did.
      So, yeah. I think that they could have done a lot better. Did you like it?

  1. I didn’t like Caspian either. It was alright, but it had SO much room for improvement. Honestly, I know this is bad, but when Caspian and Susan kissed all that I could think was, “That’s why you don’t get to go to heaven Susan. You shouldn’t have done that.” Obviously that’s not the real reason she doesn’t go to heaven, but it was the first thing that popped into my head. I also disliked their representation of the Telmarines as Spaniards; the whole Latino lover boy Caspian just made me mad. It seemed silly.

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